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Chris Breen

Chris Breen, Principal Owner of Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living and has been serving families in Upstate South Carolina since 2005.

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The owner of DeckMasters, Chris Breen, recently announced that the company’s branded name changed from “DeckMasters” to “LEGACY DECKS and OUTDOOR LIVING.” The company’s name was changed without any plans to modify or eliminate any of its services, but rather to trademark the brand name to ensure longevity.

It is rare for companies to rebrand themselves, especially for a company that has been in business for 9 years and is known for its quality work and craftsmanship. However, after years of serving families all over Greenville County, it was important for them to secure their position in the industry more firmly.

Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living Logo

As one of the top-rated deck builders in Greenville County, it’s evident that the company’s decision to rebrand was motivated by its aim to stay in the business of building decks for a long time.

“We will be here to serve you for decades.” Chris Breen said.

One of the best ways to go about taking their brand to the next level and ensuring a stable position in the market was to acquire a trademarked name. We all know how essential trademark-protected names are for companies. Unfortunately, the name “DeckMasters” wasn’t available for the organization to trademark.

The crew was faced with a big challenge; coming up with an equally descriptive, yet as exciting name. The new name had to represent their commitment to crafting high-quality decks and patios that stood the test of time. These are many of the reasons why the name “LEGACY DECKS and OUTDOOR LIVING” is the perfect name to describe the company’s values.

“We want to give you a deck that will last for generations, and be a part of your family’s legacy.

Our decks are built to the highest standard, using only the best materials to make them last for legacies and beyond.

We want to give our clients the best experience possible, with every deck we build.

We believe in developing relationships with our clients and team members and developing a legacy lifestyle for those around us.”

– Chris Breen, Owner of Legacy Decks

This rebranding is not intended to disrupt or alter any of the services or contact information provided by Legacy Decks. The Legacy Decks team is still using the same phone number it has had for years under its former name, DeckMasters.

The company’s new website is currently live under the domain name “” Despite the change in name – their products, contact information, and team remain unchanged. 

“Essentially you will not recognize any change outside of seeing our guys and our trucks with the new branding for LEGACY DECKS.” – Chris Breen

The team continues to serve the same community, maintains strong relationships with clients, and keeps delivering amazing custom decks like clockwork.

The goal for Legacy Decks has always been to provide their clients with a well-constructed deck that they can be proud of. Improving the lifestyle of families in South Carolina has always been, and will continue to be, a primary goal.

Legacy Decks will continue honoring all contracts and warranties made under the DeckMasters’ name. The company’s name has changed, but that doesn’t mean that clients can’t continue to conduct financial transactions with the organization through their previous name, DeckMasters.

In the future, they will conduct all transactions under their current name, “Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living.”

A custom outdoor space is one of the most valuable investments that anyone can make for their home. So the responsibility should be given to contractors who would value this investment like their own. Legacy Decks greatly values their clients’ decision to work with them and to trust them in creating a custom outdoor space for their homes. The minor repositioning of the brand shouldn’t cause any major troubles for the clientele. They will continue to serve the good people of Greenville County, South Carolina, and to build long-lasting custom outdoor spaces for future families.

About Legacy Decks

Legacy Decks is known throughout Greenville County for its expertise in building long-lasting and premium custom decks. The company has a strong commitment for delivering exceptional service and quality for homeowners in Greenville County. The contractor’s services include Deck Framing, Decking, Railing, TimberTech/Azek, Lighting, Outdoor Rooms, and a wide range of Outdoor Living Features.

Spring is just around the corner, and what better way to enjoy the outdoors than on a brand new custom deck from Legacy Decks. Now is the perfect time to Get a Consultation for your custom deck!