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Ways to Waterproof Your Pergola to Keep It Dry

As you enjoy the stunning views of your backyard or curl up with a book under the tranquility of your pergola, nothing ruins the moment like unexpected rain. Fortunately, these waterproof pergola roof ideas from the pergola builders at Legacy Decks have you covered, keeping your outdoor space dry and inviting regardless of the weather.

Polycarbonate Pergola Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing has revolutionized how we build our pergolas at Legacy Decks. This transparent roofing material can be integrated into your new pergola to create a covered space.

One of the most valued features of pergolas is their ability to provide the perfect mix of sunlight and shade. You might fear that adding a roof would disrupt this balance, but that’s where the magic of polycarbonate roofing comes in. 

Polycarbonate is semi-transparent, allowing some natural light to filter through while blocking harmful UV rays. This means it shields you from rain without blocking all the sunlight, letting you enjoy the best of both worlds. 

Another advantage to consider is the cost-effectiveness of this type of pergola. Overall, it is cheaper than constructing a full pavilion, gazebo, or patio cover.

Louvered Pergolas

Our next waterproof pergola roof idea is the modern louvered pergola. This unique design features an adjustable roof that can be controlled with a simple click of a button from a remote control or your smartphone. This allows you to adjust the position of the louvers, providing full control over how much sunlight or shade you want.

When closed, the louvers create a fully waterproof roof, ensuring total protection from the rain. Some sophisticated models, like those produced by StruXure, even have sensors that automatically close the roof at the first sign of rain. 

While this type of pergola comes with a higher price tag than a traditional pergola or one with a polycarbonate roof, it offers unparalleled control over your outdoor environment.

Wrapping Up: What is the best roof for a pergola?

These waterproof pergola roof ideas offer various solutions to dry your outdoor space. Polycarbonate roofing can be a great choice when working with a tight budget, while louvered pergolas offer a more luxurious experience. Climbing plants are not reliable at providing rain protection, so we only recommend them in very specific circumstances.

If you live in Greenville, SC, and would like to transform your property with a new deck or outdoor living space get a free estimate or Call us to connect with the pros and pergola builders at Legacy Decks.