Under Deck Waterproofing and Dryspace Solutions

If you have a second-story deck, using an under deck waterproofing system is a great way to keep the area below it dry.

Imagine being able to relax on your deck in any weather – now that’s the perfect outdoor space! With Legacy Decks, you can easily create an under-deck oasis that is beautiful and easy to maintain. The expert team at Legacy Decks, a top deck builder in Greenville, will guide you through the process.

Double your living space by waterproofing your 2nd-story deck!

Installing an under-deck drainage system doubles your living space by creating a dry, usable space beneath your second-story deck.

You can enjoy your space on rainy days and leave your things outside without stressing!

Under Deck Drainage Systems

Enjoy a whole range of extra amenities and indulgences in your outdoor room.

Durable and long-lasting


Effective at keeping your under deck space dry

Can come with built-in lighting, fans, and even speakers.

If you are interested in a waterproofed deck in Upstate South Carolina, you’re in the right place. Our second-story decks are equipped with a drainage system that is very effective at keeping your under deck outdoor space dry and functional – an important consideration in our humid climate.

Under Deck Waterproofing Systems Let You Enjoy Your Outdoor Space Comfortably For Years

Don’t let the weather dictate how you use your deck – install an under deck waterproofing system and maximize your usable living space! Your under-deck outdoor space will be maintenance-free and more comfortable.

If you want a second-story deck and want to have furniture or other items underneath, it makes a world of a difference.

Plus, you can make the deck below last for years. Just think about how much longer the deck below could last without any water or sunlight exposure.

What if you have a patio under the deck? Well, you’ll be able to use it more often and not have to worry about getting water on your furniture, floor, items, or feet.

Legacy Decks: Upstate South Carolina Deck Waterproofing Contractors

At Legacy Decks, we specialize in creating beautiful, functional outdoor spaces that add to your lifestyle. We understand the importance of having a dry, usable space beneath your deck and are proud of solving this problem for our clients.

We use only the best products on the market to ensure that your deck is protected from the elements that South Carolina is known for.

If you’re ready to get a second-story deck that lasts forever and keeps your outdoor space dry and clean, request an estimate to get started!