Deck Design & Construction Process

A World-Class Construction Experience

We design and create beautiful, custom decks that will transform your outdoor living space, enhance your enjoyment, and add value to your home. Your experience is just as important as the finished product. We focus on you from concept to creation!

eze breeze room with outdoor furniture


Our sales approach is unique to our company. No pressure and no gimmicks. We listen to you to see how you want to use your space so you will get the deck you want.

multi-level deck


We work within your budget to bring to life your dream deck. The investment into building a deck is not just adding onto your house but adding to your life.

Outdoor Decking

Accurate Scheduling

We believe in slowing down and enjoying life but not in terms of your deck project. We do everything we can to create accurate timelines to limit inconvenience and maximize enjoyment.

roof structure outdoor deck


We believe in constant communication. Our project management system, BuildTrend, allows for us to communicate with you about your project, its schedule, payments, charge orders and more.

outdoor deck


To serve you best, we work with multiple manufacturers to help them better their products and participate in the testing of new materials. We keep up to date with codes to ensure compliance, regardless of local requirements.

Legacy Deck

Final Review

After completing our punch list we walk through the project to make sure that all the little details are completed to your satisfaction.