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Outdoor Rooms

Are you passionate about spending time outside, but also like to be in a warm and covered space? Enjoy your home in a whole new way! Outdoor rooms, like a screened-in porch, offer a comfortable and functional alternative to the cramped confines of indoor living areas. Having an outdoor room added to your home means MUCH more than just extra square footage. It can make your home feel like a unique and special place, which is why so many homeowners opt for this kind of renovation project. The expert team at Legacy Decks, a top deck builder in Greenville, will guide you through the process.

Outdoor rooms give you the best of both worlds

An outdoor room will allow you to get closer than ever before to nature without becoming exposed to its elements – whether we’re talking about the scorching heat of the summer or the chilly wind of the winter.

You get to enjoy both interior and exterior spaces while expanding your living space. It’s an obvious choice and offers both practicality and comfort.

There is no rule that says you can’t enjoy your space in the winter or when it’s raining outside; with an outdoor room, you’ll never have to worry about getting wet again!

Outdoor kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms!

Enjoy a whole range of extra amenities and indulgences in your outdoor room.

Outdoor rooms can have a fireplace, creating a warm and inviting space to cozy up in on a cool night or a rainy afternoon.

If you're more interested in lounging outside, our aluminum screen walls enable you to create the perfect space to catch up on some reading or just lay back and relax.

Your outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate as you want, with brick pizza ovens, stainless steel grills, flattop grills, sinks, refrigerators, beverage coolers, and more. You can even have a nice gas grill with a Green Egg or a smoker!

The choice is yours! We will help you materialize your dreams and fantasies and make them a reality.

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Open Air Roof Structures
Imagine being able to enjoy the outdoors without the sun melting your guests or the rain ruining your meal. Roof structures combine all the fun of the outdoors with the comfy protection of an overhead roof. All of our roofs are stick-built just like your home’s roof. We match your shingles, siding, gutters, and trim to ensure they look like they have always been there.
aluminum screen rooms
Aluminum Screen Rooms

Let’s take a minute to talk about one of the most popular additions to outdoor living areas: aluminum screen rooms.

The strength of our aluminum screen walls is in their simplicity, durability, and flexibility. What’s more, they’re perfectly built to complement your home.

Give your guests a comfortable and inviting afternoon or evening affair.

Eze-Breeze Rooms

Enjoy the breeze of the summer while in an enclosed space AND stay warmer in cold months!

Eze-Breeze rooms are perfect for “outdoorsy” people, especially those who yearn to enjoy the outdoors during the fall and winter seasons.

With several styles to choose from, our custom Eze-Breeze rooms will keep you entertained all year long.

Ready to make your outdoor dream a reality?

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