our warranties

Thank you for trusting Legacy Decks with your outdoor living project. We hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

Deck safety is a primary concern at Legacy Decks. We want any deck or porch we build to be a safe place for you and your family. Your warranty term begins on the date of your final payment.

At the completion of your deck, we submit all necessary documentation for your manufacturer warranty. You will receive your warranty packet from them directly. If you have a material issue you will contact them first to start the warranty claim process. As a premier installer for TimberTech, you can rest assured knowing that the labor is taken care of to repair any covered manufacturer defect as well. Below are links to TimberTech’s warranties and where to file a claim.

Should any problems occur during your workmanship warranty period please follow these steps to open a claim with us:

  1. Complete claim form 
  2. Take pictures of problem areas
  3. Submit form and photos to Legacy Decks via this page

Please refer to the original terms and conditions in the contract for definition of your warranty. Warranty exclusions are defects in wood caused by the “weathering” of wood, including but not limited to raised grain, splitting, checking, twisting, warping, shrinkage, swelling, color change or any other physical property of wood.

Furthermore, misuse of products, damage caused by natural disasters, improper care and maintenance are also excluded from workmanship warranty. Warranty shall be void on products originally installed by Legacy Decks, but subsequently repaired by others.

*Please note, if a trip to your home for the warranty claim is performed and the issue is not warrantable, a service charge of $75.00 could be charged.

Unfortunately wood has no warranty. We can almost guarantee that it will warp, split, crack, twist, rot, mold and many other things. It is a natural product and therefore we can’t predict how it will behave as it dries and ages. Most of these things do not affect the structure but if you have concerns please reach out and we can inspect it to be sure. 

Reach out to us and we can troubleshoot what the problem may be. If it is under warranty still, we can get new transformers shipped right to you so you can switch it out. If its lights, we can schedule one of our team members to fix it or send the lights to you for you or a handyman to replace. As long as the lights are under warranty they are free, there is a service fee for the labor to change them out. 

We will come out and inspect what’s going on for no charge to you! If it is discovered that whatever is wrong is not covered by our craftsmanship warranty we will give you options with pricing to correct the problem. You are free to have anyone correct the problem and if you choose to go with us we will do our best to get you scheduled as soon as possible to fix it! If it falls under a manufacture warranty we will help as best we can with any information needed to get the warranty processed.