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Chris Breen

Chris Breen, Principal Owner of Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living and has been serving families in Upstate South Carolina since 2005.

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Multi-Level Decks

Multi-Level Deck Design in Greenville, SC

There’s something about a multi-level deck that screams fun. Maybe it’s the way they offer different spaces for different activities. Perhaps it’s the way they look, all tiered, luxurious, and inviting. Or maybe it’s just that they offer more opportunities for outdoor entertaining than single-level decks.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for a deck builder in Greenville, SC, specializing in multi-level deck design, look no further than Legacy Decks. We are passionate about building beautiful, functional multi-level decks that bring multiple levels of enjoyment to our clients.

Why Go Multi-Level?

Not only do multi-level deck designs offer different spaces for different activities, but they also provide a variety of vantage points from which to enjoy your outdoor living space. The upper levels offer sweeping views of your property. On the lower levels, you can create an intimate gathering space, perfect for hosting outdoor parties or relaxing in a secluded spot.

✅ Customization—With a multi-level deck project, you can have everything from a secluded lower-level retreat to an upper-level deck area that offers a vantage point for taking in the scenery. The opportunities for adding features and amenities are endless as you consider how to utilize each deck level.

✅ Decking Materials—You can choose natural wood for your deck. However, composite decking materials, like Trex decking or TimberTech decking, manufacture superior products that are durable and require minimal maintenance. We recommend composite decks for these reasons.

✅ Maximize Square Footage—If your lot is smaller or has challenging terrain, multi-level designs can help you make the most of your outdoor space. By building up instead of out, you can efficiently expand your outdoor living space and create more functional areas. Even with a small yard, you can enjoy a spacious deck with your family and guests.

✅ Create Distinct Spaces—Multi-level deck designs can propose different deck spaces for different activities. You can define each space and make it work for your needs by adding features like built-in seating, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. We’ll make it feel like a seamless transition from one level to the next.

✅ Increased curb appeal—Decks with multiple tiers add a ‘wow’ factor to your backyard. At Legacy Decks, we are all about adding value and beauty to your home; multi-level decks are an excellent way to achieve that.

✅ Views for days—From an upper deck or second-story deck, you can enjoy the views of your property like a queen or king surveying their kingdom. You’ll know exactly what we mean when you step out onto your amazing multi-level deck for the first time.

You And Your Home Are Unique On Every Level

We understand that each home is different, so we offer a completely customized approach to every project we undertake. Creating a multi-level deck is about more than aesthetics—it’s about creating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!

When you work with Legacy Decks, we will work on your behalf to bring your vision to life. We will ensure the custom design we create together creates a cohesive multi-level living space so you can fully appreciate and enjoy your backyard oasis.

Together, we will create a beautiful deck plan for your unique home and property features. Whether you want a contemporary deck or a curved multi-level deck, our smart design process will capture your vision so we can make your stunning deck a reality.

When it comes to outdoor living, variety is the spice of life. With a multi-level deck, you can have it all—a quiet retreat, a party-ready gathering space, and everything in between.

Make A Statement With A Multi-Level Legacy Deck

The perfect lifestyle for you and your family is waiting for you, and we would be honored to help you bring your multi-level deck idea to life. When you work with Legacy Decks, you’ll get to choose from a variety of luxurious features and materials to create a deck that is uniquely yours.

If you’re ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level, request a free estimate today to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!