Custom Deck Remodeling & Resurfacing

Custom Deck Remodeling & Resurfacing In Upstate South Carolina

If your deck is starting to look worn out, or if you simply want to enhance its shape and design, Legacy Decks, a deck builder in Greenville, can help. Our custom deck remodeling and resurfacing services will breathe new life into your old deck space and provide it with the functionality you’ve always wished for!

Let’s Turn Your Old Deck Into A Legacy Deck

Maybe you’re looking for a simple resurfacing to give your wood deck a new lease on life. Maybe you want to remodel it inside out, adding new features and capabilities.

Whatever the case may be, Legacy Decks offers you a wide range of customization options to carry out your project. If your deck is made of wood, our composite decking options are an excellent way to give it the long-lasting strength it needs to withstand the elements.

We have a team of experienced deck remodeling contractors who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your new deck is exactly how you want it.

We’ll take a look at your old deck and make sure it is to code and doesn’t show signs of rot. This allows us to utilize the existing frame to save you money, or we can build you a brand-new deck from the ground up. You should expect nothing less than a perfect deck for your home and landscape.

Deck Resurfacing: A Cost-Effective Way To Revive Your Deck

Deck resurfacing is an excellent way to give your space a facelift without the hassle of a full deck remodel or replacement. It involves replacing the top layer of your deck with new composite boards, railings, and stairs. This will give your deck a whole new look and feel, and you won’t have to replace the entire structure (the frame).

This is much more affordable than most deck remodeling projects. If you’re not sure whether deck resurfacing is right for you, we’ll help you assess your options and make the best decision based on the current condition of your deck.

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Get Started On Your Epic Deck Transformation

When it comes to decks, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. Every home is unique, and that means your deck should be too.

We are a passionate team, and we go the extra mile to make sure that every detail is just right. We’re not happy until you’re happy, and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure your deck is everything you dreamed it would be (and more).

Ready to make your dreams happen? Get a free estimate to get started on your deck remodeling or resurfacing project!


One of our deck experts will come to your home to take measurements and discuss your vision for the project. We’ll recommend the best approach based on your vision, the condition of the deck, and your budget. Once you’ve decided to move forward with us, we’ll get to work by transforming your deck into the space you’ve always wanted.

Depending on the condition of your deck structure, it may not be a good idea to resurface it. We won’t resurface a deck if the frame is more than 10 years old, or if it isn’t in good shape.

A deck is as strong as its weakest component. It’s not a good long-term investment to construct a new, more sturdy top layer on a weak foundation.

Putting a composite product that lasts 20-50 years on a structure that won’t last half as long is a waste of your money. In this case, we would recommend starting from scratch with a new deck build.

This number will vary depending on the materials used and the elements that your deck is exposed to. For example, a well-constructed PVC deck can last for over 50 years without repairs, while a wood deck may only last 10-15 years. No matter what type of deck you have, we highly recommend doing yearly inspections as a safety measure to make sure your deck is safe and sound.

The cost of resurfacing your deck will depend on the size of the deck, the materials used, and the components it has (such as railings and stairs). On average, it can cost around $20,000 to $28,000 to resurface a 12×12 deck.

Resurfacing a deck can take about a week, depending on the size. Contact us today to see how far out we are scheduling.

If your deck is in need of a serious overhaul, we can replace your stairs and railings.

However, we have a minimum of $15,000 per project. If you’re looking for a small repair or only want to add new stairs and railings, your project may not reach the minimum to qualify.