Deck Planters & Benches

Deck Planters & Built-In Deck Benches

Would you like to add extra seating and greenery to your new deck? Our team will ensure that your deck planters and benches are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. Every single component will blend in with your new deck seamlessly! Your planters will enrich the appearance of your deck while adding privacy if desired. The benches will add functionality, style, and a place to seat!

A Wide Range Of Features And Decorative Options

Features And Decorative Options

We offer a WIDE variety of outdoor living features. We take the time to listen to our clients and help them adorn their space in a way that meets their needs, whether they are looking for privacy, extra seating, or a living space with beautiful plants and flowers. Meeting your expectations is not the hardest part of our trade – the real challenge is finding ways to exceed them!

Built-In Deck Benches: Add Value, Beauty, And Functionality

Our deck benches use composite materials that will last for a long time. They can also match the color scheme of your deck. We offer a variety of designs, from simple and functional to elaborate and stylish. For example, you can ask us to build a waterproof deck storage bench if you want extra storage to keep your outdoor space organized and decluttered. Want curves? We can do that too!

Built-In Deck Benches1
Built-In Deck Benches2

Why Our Built-In Deck Benches Are The Way To Go:

  • Add more value to your deck.
  • More durable than temporary outdoor furniture..
  • They feel like they’re part of your deck, resulting in a more cohesive design.
  • (Optional) get extra storage

Deck Planters: Seamlessly Integrated With Your Deck

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air and the scent of nature. Add planters and enjoy your own little garden oasis!

We can even include built-in planters in your project, so you can be one with nature in the comfort of your deck. Our team can customize the shape, size, and style of your built-in planters to match your railings and decking. If you have a particular plant or tree in mind, we can build your benches and planters to match! Every little detail will be accounted for!

Deck Planters2
Deck Planters1

Get A Deck That Suits You And Your Home

Your new deck will be beautiful, and the addition of deck planters and benches will only add to its beauty. Let Legacy Decks help you create the perfect outdoor living space for a lifetime of happy memories and enjoyment.

We’ll discuss your vision for your new deck, and we’ll come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget. Your home and deck will look like a match made in heaven.

Ready to get started on your new deck? Get a free estimate here! We cannot wait to get started! Be prepared to change your LIFE, not just your backyard!


Decking lasts longer when it’s not in direct contact with dirt and moisture. If you get deck planters, make sure that the water can drain out properly, so it doesn’t sit on the surface of your decking. If you want to reduce the risk of staining your deck, consider opting for hanging deck railing planters.

However, damage from planters is unlikely with our decking, as we use the most durable and water-resistant decking products on the market.

Wooden deck planters are the least safe option, as they can rot and attract pests. They can be very heavy, so it’s important to make sure that they’re properly secured if they’re hanging on your deck railing.

Metal and plastic planters are much lighter, making them safer to use on your deck. They’re also less likely to rot, which means they won’t suddenly drop and fall if they’re hanging.

Most deck benches are about 18-20 inches tall. This is a comfortable height for most people, and it allows you to easily get in and out of the bench. If your family wants a different height, that’s not a problem – we can customize the benches to be the perfect size for you.

From herbs to flowers, many small plants will do well in a deck rail box planter. Some people even grow vegetables, but we recommend using your deck planters for decoration unless you know what you’re doing.

When designing your outdoor living space, we will recommend many beautiful species of plants and flowers that you can grow in your planter boxes, depending on their size.

Generally speaking, the best time to plant flowers is spring, a few weeks after the last frost date. However, South Carolina is an incredible place to plant flowers. There are many annual flowers that grow pretty much year round here!