deck framing

Fortress Steel Framing

Whether you build a deck with hardwood or composite materials, you should think long and hard about what kind of frame you want. A deck is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that will last 25 to 50 years. So, do you want to have your dream deck built on a wood frame that is subject to rotting over the years?

Or, do you want a galvanized steel system designed by deck builders for deck builders?

At Legacy Decks, a top deck builder in Greenville, one of the products we recommend is the Evolution steel deck framing and stair system. It truly is the next evolution in deck framing. It features an interlocking joist and ledger system that lets you build sturdy, safe decks with less effort. Our powder-coated finish provides increased corrosion resistance and a more finished look.

Check out this video to learn more about the benefits of of steel framing:

TimberTech Aluminum Framing

Legacy Decks uses the best techniques available in the industry to frame decks. With special attention to building codes, we build beyond requirements to give a strong, long-lasting framing system. Another superior framing option we recommend is aluminum framing. With AZEK/TimberTech Aluminum Framing, you’ll get a solid deck substructure that simply won’t rot, meaning a LONG life! 

HIGH STRENGTH: Longer spans than 2 x 10 wood joists are possible

LONG LIFE: Won’t rot, warp, split, or mold like wood; won’t rust like steel; excellent choice for fire zones
ENGINEERED SMART: Creates a perfectly straight and flat deck surface; lightweight; easy to assemble and less on-site fabrication necessary, resulting in a fast install time
HIGH CORROSION RESISTANCE: No touch-up paint required and can be used on or near water
SUSTAINABLE: Made from recycled aluminum and is 100% recyclable at end of life

TimberTech’s Aluminum Framing is also:
• Compatible with all TimberTech decking and railing systems
• Suitable for all parts of the deck substructure, including stairs
• Covered by a 25-Year Limited Product Warranty

Learn more about aluminum framing from TimberTech by Azek: