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Smart Deck Design Planning

At Legacy Decks, your local deck builders, our philosophy for building custom decks starts with meticulous deck design and planning. Our deck designers and builders understand that a deck is not just another addition to your home, but it will become a treasured place for relaxation, entertainment, and making memories.

That’s why we start every project with detailed custom deck plans, ensuring an efficient process from start to finish.

The Essence of Smart Deck Planning

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Our approach to deck design begins long before the first board is cut. We believe in the power of foresight and detailed preparation. Our planning process for custom deck projects is comprehensive, encompassing everything from understanding your needs and preferences to anticipating potential challenges.

Why Smart Deck Design Matters

Detailed deck construction plans serve as a blueprint for your project. Smart deck design principles map out every aspect of deck project plans. They ensure that every component, from the size and shape; to the type of decking and railing materials you want and the outdoor features, is all carefully considered and planned.

This level of design and construction details minimizes the risk of unexpected issues or modifications during the deck installation phase, saving you time and money.

3D Rendering: Visualize Your Dream Deck

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With our detailed plans and 3D renderings, you can visualize the final outcome of your deck design ideas to ensure it is the perfect outdoor structure for you.

Seeing your project through the prism of a 3D rendering allows for adjustments and customization before any physical work begins.

We utilize top deck design tools and 3D deck design software so you can “walk” through your new, beautiful deck before construction even begins! These 3D models provide a realistic preview of what you can expect from our custom deck contractors when they finish your project.

Interactive Customization: Your Vision, Our Blueprint

During the review of your deck-building plans, you gain more than just a visual experience. It’s an interactive phase where you can customize different aspects of the plan. This step ensures that your vision of the deck will align with the actual deck structure we build for you.

Using smart deck planning strategies and having detailed plans facilitates clear communication between you and our team of deck builders. Laying the proper design foundation creates a successful, efficient, and satisfying deck-building experience for everyone involved.

The Legacy Decks Process

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We want to stress that we are here to support your vision. We do not have premade deck plans. Our team endeavors to understand what you want and help you bring that vision to life. We are here to support you and create a deck design plan that supports your needs and wishes.

We offer a world-class process to ensure you are completely satisfied with your deck. Here it is:

✅ Consultation: This is where you communicate your desires to us. We will get an idea of your budget. Then we will measure and photograph your property.

✅ Estimate: During this phase, we will prepare a cost estimate and assess how it aligns with your vision and budget. We can make refinements if necessary. You will then visit our showroom, where we will draft and sign a planning and design agreement.

✅ Planning & Design: This is where we complete the 3D rendering so you can get a clear picture of how your deck will look on your property. We will go through a project audit to ensure your meticulous plans include everything you want. Then we will draft a final proposal for all of us to sign.

✅ Project Preparation: There will be a handoff meeting, so you understand who will be on your property building your deck. We will schedule all of the work in our project management software. We will have our material list to gather what we need for the project. We will pull all necessary building permits.

✅ Building Your Dream: Deck: Now, your vision begins to become more real. We will prepare the site, bring in the materials, and build your dream deck, ensuring it surpasses all of the local building codes so you have a safe project to enjoy for decades to come. You will work with a dedicated project manager, and you can expect several inspections throughout the process. And then, the final walk-through!

✅ Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space: Once satisfied with our work, you can enjoy the deck of your dreams.

We Want to Create a Smooth Journey to Your Dream Deck

Our smart planning process is designed to eliminate guesswork and provide you with a clear roadmap to your new deck. By the time construction begins, you’ll have a solid understanding of what to expect and confidence that the final product will be everything you dreamed of – and more.

At Legacy Decks, your local deck contractors, we’re not just building decks but crafting personalized outdoor experiences. Start your journey with us, where your vision meets our expertise to create the perfect outdoor space for your home.

Ready to take the next step? If you want Legacy Decks to transform your dream outdoor deck into reality, get your Consultation to get started!

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