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Chris Breen

Chris Breen, Principal Owner of Legacy Decks and Outdoor Living and has been serving families in Upstate South Carolina since 2005.

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Photo of 3D rendering of a multi-level deck.

How Legacy Decks Turns Deck Design Ideas into Reality

When you start looking for a deck builder, you likely have some deck design ideas in mind. At Legacy Decks, our goal is to capture your vision and recreate it with our design software so we can share what your vision for your outdoor space will look like when we make it a reality.

Photo of a 3D rendering of an outdoor deck project with a cabana and fire feature.

We Transform Deck Design Ideas into 3D Renderings

Legacy Decks uses a smart deck design planning process to create the perfect deck for each client. We start with detailed custom deck plans, ensuring efficiency from start to finish.

The planning process includes understanding client needs, anticipating challenges, and creating detailed construction plans for your deck project. We cannot stress enough the importance of fully comprehending your vision for your deck. We want to deliver exactly what you want.

Our philosophy is to put in the work ahead of time during the preparation period so that we understand the deck style you want. Do you want a:

  • Modern deck
  • Rooftop deck
  • Wraparound deck
  • Multi-level deck
  • Curved deck
  • Elevated deck
  • Balcony deck,
  • Single-level deck, or
  • Ground-level deck

Diving into Your Deck Design Ideas

This includes discussing decking materials, where we will tell you why we recommend vinyl or composite decking. These kinds of deck boards offer the beauty and charm of a wooden deck but with greater durability that requires minimal maintenance. They are a sustainable solution because they are made of wood fibers, recycled plastic, or synthetic materials.

Photo of steel framing supporting an elevated deck.

We’ll have a conversation about whether you want steel framing or wood framing to support your structure.

During the planning stage, we’ll also look at outdoor living features, like deck lighting and railing. As we explore what you desire for your project, we will go into detail with the deck railing design and the deck lighting design.

For example, do you want a modern railing made of composite posts and rails, powder-coated aluminum with aluminum balusters, or glass panels instead of traditional balusters?

With your outdoor lighting, do you want post cap lights, recessed lighting, in-step lighting, landscape lighting, string lights, LED lights, or string lights?

We can add touches like built-in seating, planter boxes, fire pits, privacy screens, and even a pergola to provide some shade.

Remember, we bring your vision to life. When we build a deck, we design it with quality materials to last a lifetime, so we want to take our time and get everything right.

The Importance of Our 3D Model of Your Deck

When we share the 3D renderings with you, you will get a detailed representation of your new deck. Our 3D renderings and models allow you interactive customization. This means you can see an accurate representation of your deck layout and customize it before construction begins.

Maybe your original vision didn’t have an outdoor dining area, but the 3D model shows plenty of space, so we added it in.

Leveraging our state-of-the-art deck design tools and software, we offer you the unique opportunity to virtually “walk” through your future deck. This immersive experience provides a detailed and realistic preview of your deck, crafted by our expert custom deck contractors before a single nail is hammered.

Photo of 3D rendering of a multi-level deck.

Overview of the Legacy Decks Process

Legacy Decks offers a step-by-step process, from consultation to project preparation to building the dream deck, ensuring clear communication and satisfaction throughout the project. Our aim is to create a smooth journey to your dream outdoor space, providing personalized outdoor experiences.

Our comprehensive, world-class process begins with an initial consultation to discuss your goals, budget, and property specifics. Following this, we provide an estimate that aligns with your vision and budget, refined through a visit to our showroom and drafting a design agreement.

As noted above, the heart of our process lies in the planning and design phase. Together, we shall conduct a project audit to finalize the proposal. During the audit, we will ensure everything you want included in the deck project is in the plan.

As we move into project preparation, our team plans out every detail, from scheduling and material gathering to permit acquisition, ensuring an efficient transition to the construction phase.

Let the Construction of Your Deck Begin with Legacy Decks

Once the construction phase begins, building your dream deck involves site preparation, material delivery, and construction, all under the supervision of a dedicated project manager and with multiple inspections to exceed local building codes.

The final walk-through marks the culmination of our process, leading to the moment you can enjoy your beautifully crafted outdoor living space, a testament to Legacy Decks’ commitment to excellence and your satisfaction.

At Legacy Decks, we’re not just building decks but crafting personalized outdoor experiences. Ready to take the next step? If you want Legacy Decks to transform your dream outdoor deck into reality, get your free in-home estimate to get started!