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Pergola With A Polycarbonate Roof3

5 Benefits of a Pergola with a Polycarbonate Roof

A pergola is a garden structure that has many benefits. It can provide shade, protection from the elements, and a place to relax or entertain. A pergola with polycarbonate roofing is even more beneficial, as it offers additional protection from the sun and rain. Our pergola builders at at Legacy Decks will uncover five amazing benefits of polycarbonate roofing on pergolas.

Enjoy The Perfect Amount Of Sunlight

Polycarbonate is a strong and durable material that is transparent enough to allow plenty of sunlight to filter through. At the same time, it filters out harmful UV rays – so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about sun damage.

You’ll be able to stay cool in the shade on hot days while still enjoying the sunlight. Polycarbonate roofs also diffuse light, which creates a softer, more inviting space beneath the pergola. Comfort at its finest!

Drops Temperatures By Up To 20 Degrees

Even better is the fact that polycarbonate roofing can drop the temperature beneath the pergola by up to 20 degrees. You can still enjoy your outdoor living area even on the hottest days of summer.

Although a traditional pergola can provide some shade, it won’t be nearly as effective as one with a polycarbonate roof. If you live in an area with hot summers, a pergola with this type of roofing is an important consideration to squeeze as much enjoyment out of your backyard as possible during the sweat season.

No Rain, No Pain

Your family is coming over. You’ve got all sorts of delicious snacks for them, and then it starts to rain. Bummer. But if you have a pergola with polycarbonate roofing, you don’t have to worry about the rain ruining your party.

The clear roofing material will keep you and your guests dry while you intensely compete in a game of charades or enjoy some quality time together.

During your day-to-day life, a pergola with polycarbonate roofing will let you enjoy your outdoor living space more often and with no anxious thoughts crossing your mind about the rain.

A Durable Solution For All Climates

Polycarbonate is an incredibly durable material – it’s impact-resistant, shatterproof, and can withstand high temperatures. No matter what kind of climate you live in, a pergola with polycarbonate roofing can withstand it.

Plus, it’s UV-resistant, so it won’t fade or become brittle over time from exposure to the sun. You can enjoy your pergola for many years to come without having to replace the roof.

Concerned about heavy snowfall damaging your pergola? Don’t be. Polycarbonate is also very flexible, so it won’t crack under the weight of the snow. You can remove the snow off easily or let it melt away in the sun.

Concerned about high winds? Again, don’t be. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest materials used in pergola roofing. 

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture And Flooring

Your outdoor furniture and flooring have feelings too (or so we like to think). And if you don’t have a polycarbonate pergola cover, they’re vulnerable to damage from the sun and rain.

A pergola with polycarbonate roof will protect your outdoor furniture from fading or becoming discolored from exposure to the sun. The transparent pergola roof will also prevent any water-damage that could occur from rain or snow.

If the birds happen to use your pergola as a bathroom, you don’t have to worry about that either – the roof will keep all the mess contained.

Ready for Our Pergola Builders to Elevate Your Outdoor Space?

A pergola with a polycarbonate roof is the best of both worlds – it provides protection from the sun and the rain while still allowing plenty of light to filter through. It’s also durable, UV-resistant, and can withstand high temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Do you live in Greenville? If you’re looking for a brand-new deck, Legacy Decks is here to help you create memories that will last a lifetime. Click here to learn more about our pergolas or  Get a Consultation to get started. We can’t wait to bring your outdoor space to life!