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10 Built-In Deck Bench and Deck Planter Box Ideas

Want to make the most of your deck? Dive into this blog post and find ten spectacular bench and deck planter box ideas that combine form and function, turning your outdoor area into a comfortable, lively, and stylish space.

Corner Deck Bench Idea: A Space-Efficient Design

Maximizing deck space is essential, and a corner bench is a perfect solution for those looking to save space. This compact design provides an inviting seating area without crowding your deck.

Corner deck benches are ideal for low-level decks where railings are not needed. The bench can take the place of the railing. This clever deck seat idea frees up your deck and gives it a neat, orderly appearance.

Benches And Planter Boxes That Match Your Deck’s Color Scheme

For a harmonious look, match your composite deck benches and planter boxes to your deck’s color scheme. Usually, it works well to stick to the decking color. Though ensure your composite decking manufacturer supports the creation of matching planters and benches. For instance, we at Legacy Decks use TimberTech decking, which offers this possibility.

Planter Boxes: A Stylish Cover-Up

Planter boxes can ingeniously conceal less appealing areas, such as the underside of deck stairs. This trick will add charm and elegance to an otherwise overlooked area, transforming it into an attractive focal point.

Step Lights Addition: Illuminating Benches and Planter Boxes

Step lights mounted on the sides of benches or planter boxes provide illumination and add an enchanting ambiance to your deck during the evening. Plus, they increase safety by reducing the risk of stumbling over deck benches under dim lighting.

Compact and Sleek: Efficiently Integrating Deck Benches with Planters

Maximize your deck area with planters and benches that seamlessly integrate into the railing system. 

In this deck layout, planter boxes are strategically positioned at the corners of the railings, adding visual interest and a touch of greenery. Compact benches are placed between these planters, maximizing seating space without cluttering the area. To maintain a sleek and modern appearance, thin metal railings are chosen over bulkier, more intricate railings. 

Together, these elements create a modern and efficient design, achieving the perfect balance of form and function.

Borders and Dividers: Creative Use of Planter Boxes

Planter boxes can be creatively used to divide different sections of your deck. They introduce an artistic way of zoning out the deck, giving the space an orderly appearance while maintaining a visual flow across different areas.

The idea of maintaining a visual flow means that even though the spaces are divided, the overall design and arrangement of the planters allow the eye to move smoothly from one area to another without creating abrupt or harsh separations between sections. 

Deck Benches That Follow The Contour Of The Railing

Incorporating deck benches that mirror your deck’s shape can be a clever design choice. In this instance, the benches align with the railing, providing a comfortable seating area with an integrated backrest. 

Minimalist Bench Design for Underused Areas

Have an unused area on your deck? Utilize it by adding a small bench. 

This low-cost composite deck bench design idea can bring functionality to less frequently used areas of your deck, such as the corners or edges.

Besides providing seating, benches can breathe life into these areas, making them feel purposeful and welcoming.

Graceful Curves: Curved Deck Seating Designs

Embrace smooth lines and curved edges in your deck design. Curved steps and benches, particularly in low-level deck designs, can add a unique aesthetic and create a smooth visual flow. These curves mirror nature’s soft edges, making the deck merge with its surroundings. 

Deck Planter Flower Idea: Low-Maintenance Glass Bottles 

Composite decks are popular for their low-maintenance needs. Similarly, consider using low-maintenance decorations like glass bottles. They can add vibrancy and depth to your deck without the upkeep that comes with living plants.

In Greenville, South Carolina? Add Character to Your Deck with Legacy Decks

Are you a Greenville homeowner longing for a deck that reflects your style and enhances your outdoor experience? Then look no further. As the premier deck builders in Greenville, our team is ready to capture your personality in your deck design. 

Don’t just envision your dream deck – bring it to life. Contact Legacy Decks, the top deck builders in Greenville, for a free estimate today or learn more about our deck planters and benches.